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12 Things That Can Change Your Life For Good

What Are The 10 Little Things That Can Change Your Life?

Well nany times, we put our eyes on the big things out there. But the fact remains that as determined as we are to make significant changes and do big things, we can only reach that height of big things until we fix some small items in place.

Life has a lot of experiences, and only if we gather the right experiences, we will not get the best out of what we do.

The constant thing about life is change. No matter what you do, you cannot avoid change. The more we resist change, the more miserable our life becomes. And to give heed to change, we should ensure we plan it and take it gradually as our routine can permit.

We can, however, not avoid the unexpected from happening, but what we can do is, set a sample of what we want for ourselves when the unexpected does happen.

1. Drink A Glass Of Water Before And After Sleep

Water is good and can be used when thirsty. But it can also be used as a therapy. Taking water before bedtime has a way of reducing your stress level, and when you wake up, it helps you improve metabolism.

It is free, in your reach and will cost you nothing to take a stroll to the refrigerator before and after sleep.

Small activities go a long way to how we handle big things. Hence we mustn’t lose the touch of these little things; the more we are perfect in them, the more productive we become.

2. Make Your Bed Daily

A lot of interpretations can be made from our little actions daily. Making your bed and how you make it can be one of the ways to tell how organized you are.

Many may want to trivialize this act, but making your bed will set you to the next task and the next after that, and you will be bubbling with fulfillment by the end of the day. But it all begins from you doing what is right immediately you get up from the bed.

As soon as you make your bed (clean your bed), the next thing to do is clean yourself. Wash your mouth and have your bath.

Even if you are not going out or you don’t have an appointment to catch, having your bath daily in the morning goes a long way to increase your productivity. Take your time to clean yourself.

3. Don’t Forget To Read The News

This is another little thing that could affect you most positively or negatively possible. Follow the news and know what is happening around you.

As little as it is, listening to the news can keep you informed about the kinds of jobs that are available, the places you should not visit, and most importantly, you get information that gives you talking rights when around people.

4. Daily Exercise

The magic behind exercises comes when you are faithful to it. You tend to see its effect after being consistent for at least 21 days. Exercises will help reduce your stress level. Also, during exercise, your body will secret hormones that will help your body relax and prepare it for the day’s activities.

Exercising in the morning increases your chances of completing your To-do listings, thereby improving your productivity. No matter how busy you are, at least go for a 10 minutes walk.

5. Always Clear your To Do

To-do lists are usually written to guide you on what to do daily. If you have good things listed out, completing them daily will go a long way to improve every aspect of your life and can cause a drastic change. When you clear your to-do every day, it helps you assess yourself and decide your next move.

6. Set your alarm 1 hour early

This trick is simple; if it has been difficult for you to get up at a particular time, then you should learn to set your alarm 1 hour before the time you want to wake up. This way, when the first alarm wakes you, you sleep back. Then the second alarm will have more effect, and then your sleep may not be profound.

Sleep can be refreshing sometimes that it can make you miss your appointment.

7. Reply all your mails

Sometimes, our mailbox can tell how lazy we are, especially if you accumulate your mails without responding to them. Unimportant emails should not be left unattended to, open them, read them, and take the necessary action.

Ensure that you do not sleep without attending to all your mails, even if you can’t get the information being asked for immediately, you can fix that on your To-Do for the next day.

8. Love Yourself

There is no better way to say this. Love is the greatest weapon anybody can use for themselves.

Nobody can love you more than you can ever do for yourself.

Most times, people belief that they need someone to love them in other to succeed and make progress but they are very wrong. You can only love yourself before anyone else finds that love in you. So try as much as possible to love yourself.

9. Always Do Good.

The greatest and best responsibility you can have for yourself is to always do good. Being good to people always pays off. Remember that it will be repaid to you. Don’t forget the saying that goes “Do Unto Others What You Want Them To Do To You”.

10.  Always Forgive

Whenever someone hurts you, always Forgive learn to let things go without holding any grudges. Do not forget that holding things up, will bring a lot of bad energies. So learn to forgive those who hurt you and you will always discover that you are beginning to live a free and happy life.

11. Be Positive

Recently I learnt that over the years, I have been doing myself more harm than good by saying negative things. I remembered when I wanted to do so many things at a time and reap a lot from my efforts but it was not yielding any results so I will just tell myself that I can’t do this and do that, am not worth it and so many hateful stuffs until I learnt that I was harming myself a lot. I discovered that with such words I wasn’t making progress in life. I then learnt to stay positive. Make positive changes and say some positive affirmations daily to yourself and see a positive change.

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12. Grow A Garden

Nurturing plants teaches patience. Not only will gardening give you something to do, but you’ll also be contributing to your environment. Imagine waking up, looking out your window, and seeing beautiful flowers and plants. You feel pride when you know that you are responsible for such a beautiful environment.


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